Citizen Scholar is a community-driven pop-up school.  Founded on the idea that everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to teach, Citizen Scholar creates the opportunity and infrastructure to turn the community into a dynamic, inclusive classroom. We’ll also source free and low-cost classes around town. We want to find and offer everything from Photoshop to Bakeshop; How to Build a Robot or The History of Gin. Whatever you want to teach, there’s someone who wants to learn that!

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What's New?

Summer Classes

Posted on 14 May 2014
It feels like summer! What are you going to learn in the next 3 months? Citizen Scholar is taking up residence at Freeside Atlanta for the month of June to kick off the next session of classes. We’re teaching some basics to get you, your brand or your idea off the ground and giv

Winter is almost over! Are you ready for Spring Classes?

Posted on 01 Mar 2014
We admit, Citizen Scholar went into hibernation in the cold, dark Atlanta February. Recently, the city seems to have reawakened, as CSA’s inbox is of pokes and prods and questions about when the spring session will begin. Well folks, that’s party up to you! What do you wan

Citizen Scholar & MASS Collective = Effervescent evening!

Posted on 16 Jan 2014
Thanks to all who attended, and to MASS Collective for hosting a Citizen Scholar class on fermentation. We all learned quite a bit more than expected about bubbles and fizz, thanks to the brilliant Chris Carter. It was a great evening to get to know everyone, see the wonderful new spa